Saturday, March 30, 2013

update: uprisings (aka first seedlings)

The mini choi seedlings coming up a few days ago... look like this!

Seedlings of pot marigold making an appearance. I have to confess I haven't had the courage yet to place the "insect beacon" pots out on the ledge outside the balcony as planned. I suspect that the whim will strike one of these days, perhaps when I'm assured that the flower seeds I've planted have taken and I've thinned them as necessary.

The blueberry, Vaccinium x "Chippewa', is a bit earlier than my other blueberry, 'Patriot'. The blooms are just about to open. Now all we need are a few bees to pollinate the flowers, and soon we'll have fruit!

Here betwixt and between the tarragon, mizuna, and kale, the experiment in "eating your veg and planting them too": can you see the green onions? Leaving an inch or so of the onion attached to the root end and popping it into the soil works like a dream. The seedlings are those of chervil.

Here, the Winsor beans are also showing some green. I'm still regretting that I didn't start them last fall. Oh well.

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