Tuesday, March 19, 2013

mysteries unfolding

Hah! After a couple of days of glorious sunshine accompanied by somewhat damaging winds, my unprotected pot of mystery seedlings (due to my vague record-keeping) is the first -- the first! -- out of the gate and has sprouted some seedlings. Who wants to place bets on what they might be?
   a. toy choi
   b. chervil
   c. something else altogether

And here's evidence of the effect of the winds. A bamboo wind-chime given to me by my friend Melody has chafed itself to a partial disintegration. Fortunately, the rest of the wind-chime is still intact and I can restring this bit and tie it back in.

Meanwhile, the kale and mizuna are putting on vigorous growth and begging to have a leaf or two stolen for inclusion in a meal soon. What shall I make? A salad? An Asian-inspired noodle bowl?

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