Saturday, March 16, 2013

seeding aka jumping the gun, 3

The next pot down will later be another tomato (did I say I love tomatoes?), so now, another white plastic restaurant-sized food-container pot is planted with broad Winsor beans and arugula. I think broad beans planted in the fall would have been a better timing for things, but -- ah well. So this is where they will live for now:

The next pot is another black pot from Canadian Tire. Into it I planted "mange tout" peas, aka "Snow Green" snow peas. They will be followed by another tomato.

And this is how it looks so far. Don't you love my view? If you lift your eyes over the rooftops, the view is better, trust me! On a clear day, I can see Vancouver Island across the Georgia Strait. Really!

On that balcony railing I am hoping to put a hanging planting box/bag that will house herbs and some colourful flowers.

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