Saturday, March 16, 2013

seeding aka jumping the gun, 4

The next two pots are the break-away pots. I haven't had the courage yet to put them out onto the stone-covered ledge outside the boundaries of my balcony, even though the vote was overwhelmingly to do so! They are fairly small square plastic (?) pots from Canadian Tire, approximately 14 inches by 14 inches.

The first has a fuchsia in it that is hardy in this area. (I'll have to find out which fuchsia it is as I've forgotten.) At its feet there is a small English thyme which I may or may not move, as it would be difficult to harvest if it's  living outside the balcony railing. Also at the feet of the fuchsia, I seeded some calendula aka pot marigold.

The other square pot will also be another Insect Beacon. A lavender already lives in it, and I seeded it with some dill ("Dukat") and California Poppies. I'll also add some Verbena "Brazilian" to it later for height.

So what does it look like now? Here's a picture:

The herbs in the little window box will probably not continue to live there. I hope to find a better box/basket arrangement for the balcony railing to which they will be moved. The window box may end up living over a fish-tank in the future.

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