Friday, April 5, 2013

sourdough update

As my sourdough experiment continues, the second loaf of sourdough bread has been made with some adjustments.
-I didn't cook the millet before hand, adding the grains to the dough raw.
-I also threw in some sunflower seeds, just because I have a lot of them.
-In addition to whole wheat flour and all purpose (unbleached white) flour, I added a couple handfuls of meusli that I had on hand.

This time, I was careful to allow the dough lots of time to rise, which it did beautifully, but again my spontaneous planning (ie, no planning ahead at all) bit me in the butt, because I found myself shaping the dough into a loaf at midnight and realizing that at this rate, it would probably be going into the oven in the wee hours of the morning!

Since another of my resolutions is to try to get to bed earlier, I decided to put the loaf into the fridge where the cooler temperature would slow down the yeast, but hopefully not kill it.

In the morning, it had risen some, but not much. So I let it sit around for over an hour, which probably gave it time to warm up a little. It didn't rise as much as it might have if I had given it more time. Still, I did pop it into the oven, and about 30 min later, I took it out of the oven because it looked beautiful and smelled divine.

The texture of the crust-end slice was excellent, but further into the loaf, the inside of the bread was still doughy and tasted under-done. Hmmmnn. It is a very big loaf, actually, about double the size of bread I used to make in bread pans once upon a time long, long ago...

Obviously, I need to either a) bake according to a recipe or b) risk another experiment that turns out not-quite-right if I continue making  it up as I go along. Guess which route I'm going to take!

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